Drain lining and patch repairs

Drain Lining Service Details

We can carry out drain repairs where excavating is not possible or feasible. As a ‘Renoline’ approved contractor we are able to cast a resin sleeve through existing defective drains and pipe systems. This can be used on pipework that is disjointed or cracked to prevent further leaks and blockages. We also carry out patch liner repairs which enable small areas to be repaired between manholes or stacks, repairing only the small damaged section.

Ranging from 100-300mm diameter drainage, we can supply and install drain liners to get the drainage flowing again, rectifying any possible faults within the section of drainage the liner is applied to.

All drain lining works must follow a CCTV survey in order to examine the affected area and accurately determine what is required to resolve the issue.

We can install various different types of drain liner solution including flexi, drag, bag and super-flex.

All prices are quoted per metre using the most cost-efficient, effective and feasible method and material.