Excavations and renovations

Project Detail

We are able to excavate and remedy any drainage problem such as broken pipework and manhole chamber reconstruction. We use specialist equipment to enable us to remedy residential, commercial and agricultural problems from point of connection to the main sewers.

Our trained operatives can excavate, remove and replace drain covers and broken pipework. Using ‘Sonde’ location equipment we can pinpoint hidden chambers in order to uncover buried sections of pipework and manholes.

We also ensure the viability of future operations of all drainage, installing suitable access points throughout the pipework so that any problems further down the line can be rectified quickly and efficiently with minimal fuss and disruption.

We can assess leaks and potential drainage issues and, once the cause has been identified, excavate the affected location in order to resolve the issue with minimal disruption to the surrounding area. We can carry out excavation and renovation works on a wide variety of drainage including clay, cast and plastic. The size and scope of works raise no issues with AJ Drains, we take on small and large projects.

Our operatives are highly certified, trained and qualified to comply with Health & Safety regulations for all works.
Site management and safety can be left in their capable hands.